Membership Levels and Privileges


CSRA membership is tiered to suit the needs and goals of stakeholders, with a structure that is agile and can accommodate multiple collaboration models and engagement in diverse cyber security initiatives.

All members must execute a Membership Agreement and pay an annual fee. Membership applications are subject to approval by the Board or by the voting members, depending on category. All members have preferential access to CSRA deliverables, and their roles are differentiated based on membership tiers as defined in the consortium's Bylaws. A membership year begins on the date when dues payment is received.

Founding Members
Annual Dues: $30,000 USD

The original Founding members comprise the first Board of Directors of the CSRA. The privileges specifically afforded to Founding members who remain in good standing are as follows:

(1) The right to a permanent seat on the Board of Directors of the CSRA
(2) All rights and responsibilities afforded to all other tiers of CSRA members

Supporter Members
Annual Dues: $15,000 USD

Supporter members who remain in good standing are granted the specific rights listed below:

(1) The ability to participate in Working Groups of the CSRA. Supporters may also be permitted to chair Working Groups and subgroups formed by Working Groups
(2) The right to submit proposals for CSRA-sponsored programs and agendas
(3) The right to participate in, and receive documentation related to, all programs provided by the CSRA
(4) Subject to such procedures as may be adopted by the Board of Directors, the right to review and comment on new programs, projects, and initiatives prior to their adoption by the CSRA
(5) All rights provided to Affiliated Members

Affiliated Members
Annual Dues: $7,500 USD

Affiliated members who remain in good standing are granted the specific rights stated below:

(1) The right to be listed (with a hyperlink to the Affiliated Member's website) as an Affiliate Member on the CSRA's website
(2) The right to access selected portions of the CSRA's website and may include member-only discussion groups and CSRA mailing lists (subject to any privacy policy that CSRA may adopt)
(3) The right to access member-only confidential information, including but not limited to adopted but unpublished programs and agendas of the CSRA and the results of CSRA initiatives
(4) The right to attend and participate in workshops conducted by the CSRA and, upon successful completion of some initiatives by the CSRA, to generally advertise these. This right does not include the right to place links to the Affiliated Member's product information on the CSRA's website
(5) The right to receive documentation and materials concerning CSRA activities

For more information about membership, please write to or call +1-781-876-8860.