Join the CSRA


The CSRA welcomes participation from industry stakeholders involved in cyber security R&D, system integrators, owners and operators of critical infrastructures, and academic researchers and institutions. CSRA is dedicated to bridging the gap between government-funded R&D and commercially available cyber security solutions, and facilitating solutions to address grand challenges that are bigger than any one company, consortium, sector, or nation.

CSRA Membership includes:

  • Access to unique R&D partnerships and collaborative efforts to create viable, game-changing cyber threat solutions. Opportunity to influence the direction of development and implementation for cyber security practices and solutions
  • Advance access to research results and deliverables. Access to threat and vulnerability analysis
  • Collaborative opportunities with leading experts and key staff/personnel from outside your own sector

The CSRA is organized to leverage expertise from member companies and partners in government and academia, with a tiered membership structure. To become a member, download the CSRA Membership Application.